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Olor The Label Introduces: IRIS

The Pinnacle of Subtle Opulence.

Venture into the realm of understated luxury with the exquisitely handpicked IRIS collection by Olor The Label.


Palette: Sterling Silver Kissed with Pink Hues
Embellishment: Intricate Swarovski Impressions
Craftsmanship: Premium Waterproof Titanium Steel
Size - One Size

Tender Care Guidance:

Shield IRIS from the touch of perfumes, body oils, and common household concoctions.
Sidestep abrasive jewelry cleaners; they tarnish more than they treasure.
Whisper soft polishes using a lint-free cloth, ensuring undimmed radiance without a mark.
Tuck them gracefully in the signature box/pouch, in a temperate, arid sanctuary.
With IRIS, wear not just a piece of jewelry, but a testament to Olor The Label's unwavering allegiance to refinement and artistry.

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Elevate to the eloquence of IRIS Earrings. Beyond mere adornments, they echo sophistication, draped in Swarovski's allure. Adorn today, cherish forever.